Collins Avenue & Wildfox ♥

steffy kuncman miami swim week
steffy kuncman miami swim week
steffy kuncman miami swim week
steffy kuncman miami swim week
wildfox miami swim week
wildfox miami swim week
wildfox miami swim week
steffy kuncman collins avenue
miami swim week is over (for me) and also, my voice is gone. that usually happens though! i'm fully run down from all of the sun and non-stop go go go, but today i am working from home and trying to get ready for the move simultaneously.

these are from my 1st day at swim week on friday night. i escorted my cute husband as my date, and we made some magical memories with my favorite miami people. the sunset from the top of the Raleigh was unreal, and there was even a rainbow after it poured! the Wildfox show-- which is always my favorite show-- was nothing short of amazing. it was fun, light hearted and filled with pastels, florals and flirty sayings! my favorite looks are above. i will be back with tons more photos. xo

tee: F21
shorts: chicwish
bag: ASOS
hat: ASOS
boots: ASOS


heather epstein said...

UGH I'm so jealous of everyone at Miami Swim. It's been all over my instagram feed. maybe its a good thing my phone has recently given up on living. Anyway love the Wildfox show. And looooveeee your whole look. Stripes and flowers is one of my fav. combos.


Natali said...

Fantastic shorts and bag! You look so pretty!

Sue Figueroa said...

So nice your outfit! THat shade of lipstick looks gorgeous on you :)

Sherry Chan said...

Cute outfit! Love the swimsuits from wild fox especially the one piece with burgers!

Butterfly said...

Lovely outfit...good inspiration ;)

Heather Brocklesby said...

I really love the floral/stripe combo of this outfit! It's been a go-to for me this Summer. Hopefully you get some time to rest up!

Sasa Zoe said...

Cute outfit! Love these runway photos:)

Natalie Suarez said...

had SO MUCH FUN with u babe in miami! can't wait till you're in NY! x


ur li'l miss sunshine said...

Cute outfit as always!!! Loving the bag sooo much!

Ginger Harris said...

My still hurting feet envy your comfy shoe choice.

Iiduska said...

Love your hat! Girly and bohemian, just perfect ♥ You always look so sweet! xoxo

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