Madrid, Spain: the first day ♥

madrid, miami fashion blog, steffy kuncman
vintage bag
madrid, miami fashion blog, steffy kuncman
madrid, miami fashion blog, steffy kuncman
madrid, miami fashion blog, steffy kuncman
madrid, miami fashion blog, steffy kuncman
madrid, plaza mayor
madrid, miami fashion blog, steffy kuncman
we traveled to madrid with matt's family to meet his 91-year-old grandpa. it was a family reunion of matt's dad's side of the family, and his siblings and cousins flew from all over the world (buenos aires, serbia, new mexico, etc.) to be there! it was wonderful being able to meet new relatives, and to learn about the history of my (now) family name! it added new meaning to my new last name, and made me feel even more a part of the fam!

we spent day one wandering around near the Gran Via and Plaza Mayor. i thrifted this vintage dress right before we left, and it was a definite staple all trip! europe is the perfect place to dress creatively and pull out my favorite vintage finds, because the backdrops are so beautiful! i will be back to share more soon! xo

dress: vintage
bag: vintage
shoes: vintage
hat: vintage


Sherry Chan said...

you look amazing and everythings's so beautiful <3

courtney parker said...

This outfit is too cute! Love it!


Natali said...

So many beautiful photos! Last one is so lovely!

Collections said...

These photos are stunning - sounds like such a fun trip!

Belen Baquerizo said...

I love spain!!!!!!
I'm so jealous you are there hahaha :(
Enjoy the food and the life!
Xo, Belen
A Hint of Life

Bianca said...

Your style is so effortlessly cool! Enjoy your trip! xx

Justine Prabucki said...

Ah that sounds like an amazing trip! I traveled to Europe last year most recently and dying to go back asap! Ive traveled to a few countries but have so many more I want to see like Spain! Its great you got to be there for the family event. I totally agree traveling abroad makes for some great photos and totally an excuse to pull out your best clothes.

Dulce said...

such a wonderful trip, specially to meet his grandpa, old people are so interesting most of the time!

Katie Frank said...

wow madrid is amazing. enjoy your trip beautiful!

Dont Stop Madrid said...

I hope you have enjoyed my city! :D
Love! <3

Ollyvia Laura Arnold said...

anyway, would you like to follow each other on gfc/bloglovin and instagram?


Jeanne said...

So cute!

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