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rainy day feeling

rainy days are poetic in my mind. maybe standing in the drizzling rain for outfit pictures ISNT, but i think these pictures capture my sentiments perfectly. the world feels grainy, my eyes feel heavy and my creativity feels endless. my wedding is in 1 month, and i am enjoying running down my list of projects.

florida has been "cold" lately (it really has been! 50 for us is cold!) so i have been loving all of my winter clothing i never get to wear. staple brown boots, check. quirky scarf, check. not being a part of the zero degree eyelash freezing weather up north... big check!

i hope you notherners survived. xo.

blouse: vintage
skirt: romwe
tights: h & m
bow: AA
boots: seychelles Could Be
scarf: "pepaloves"


Belen Baquerizo said...

love the tights with that dress, very romantic.

JULES said...

omg! your polka dots leggings are just insanely adorable!!
loving your skirt as well, too cute!

xoxo, Jules
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Ollyvia Laura Arnold said...



Bella Rodriguez said...

that scarf is the prettiest thing!

Natali said...

You look gorgeous! Great dress!


CodeOverdressed said...

Cutest scarf ever, love it!

Cee. ♥
Code Overdressed

Jess Dynarski said...

I love this outfit. The blouse/skirt combo is so cute and feminine. And your scarf- how adorable!

It is pretty cold up here in the north! This polar vortex was crazy, my hair froze when I went to grab the mail!


Shamu Boo said...

that scarf and the hair bow are both so adorable. And your legs look so exciting and wonderful in those tights. So enjoyed that shot of them :) Gorgeous outfit!

Kacie Cone said...

So perfect! I love that dress and that scarf is adorable!


MsNotWeirdAtAll said...

Don't know what it is about all white outfits, but they just always get my attention :) Lovely as always :)


Sue Figueroa said...

Everything is beautiful but my favorite piece has to be the boots !!

Two Happy Hearts said...

Those tights & boots are especially perfect ;) And your wedding is in a month?! How exciting!! I'm sure everything is gonna be beautiful. Can't wait to see photos xoxo

Seeking Style said...

You're such a babe!!
I can't believe Florida has been colder than So Cal!

xo Jennifer


Amanda Sater said...

That scarf is the absolute cutest thing ever!

xo Amanda

Pearl said...

your so cute. I will always adore your vintage pretty style~!

Mackenzie Mancuso said...

This is such a cute vintage look. I love the boots!

xoxo, Kenzie

Vasiliki An said...

Beautiful outfit! So lovely pictures!! :)

Marie Zamboli said...

Can I have our scarf please?? <3

E. said...

Those stockings say snow :)

Steffi Santa said...

This is so cuute!! Love all the details especially in the tights and lacey skirt. Not to mention that the hair do is also cute!!


Jamie Rose said...

You look absolutely gorgeous here! I just love this dress paired with the dotted tights and red hair bow. That scarf is so much fun too. Such a perfectly put-together outfit.

Emily said...

I love everything about this outfit! The tights, dress, purse, and especially the scarf! So cute!

Nancy Wilde said...

Absolutely love this outfit and your hairstyle, it's so gorgeously 60s^^
And the fox factor is adorable... But what I really looove... are those boots! They look awesome!