every other sunday at the antique fair ❤

every other sunday on lincoln road, there is an amazing antique fair with an endless amount of booths lining the streets. many of them are overpriced, but that doesn't mean a gal can't browse and dream of owning multiple closets filled with furs, vintage dresses and polka dotted silk scarves. luckily there's old cameras too, so matt came along for the walk (and claude too!)

it's been in the 60's and 70's here all weekend, so i've been enjoying wearing tights, scarves and sweaters! i adore wearing plaid around the holidays, but wanted another option other than holiday colored plaid. i love opting for mustard and cobalt blue plaid instead! the kitty blouse is one of the quirkiest tops i own :) it's so lovely to be able to complete an outfit with a scarf, what a nice treat for me! i hope you all have a beautiful holiday tonight and tomorrow. ❤

skirt: for sale in my store
blouse: c/o sheinside
shoes: j. crew
bag: vintage
scarf: c/o 2020ave
glasses: c/o Benji Frank


norafinds said...

Your preppy vintage style is just so great! I just love your simply cute schoolgirl persona! :) Happy holiday! I love how the antique fair looks, very jealous! We don't get many great antique fair with reasonable price here in Sydney!


Natali said...

Wow!! Such a fantastic and beautiful top! Love this outfit :) Merry Christmas!!


theslow catwalk said...

Merry Xmas!!

irene wibowo said...

wow so pretty! :)Irene Wibowo

Krissy ~ said...

ooh! i might have to check out lincoln road soon! looks great!
love the jumper, its so cute!

Collections said...

love this outfit, the blouse and plaid are adorable together

Caitie Schlisserman said...

such a darling little outfit - very festive! and it sounds/looks like such a fun sunday!

Lady à la Mode

Rachelle's Jewelry Box said...

I'll try to attend this show even if I just browse. Love your skirt and boots.

Psycho Cat said...

This is adorable.
First of all, your top is so cute, and I love antique fairs, we have one too on sunday and it's amazing what you can find there.
Have a nice week...

niki said...

so cute! and that fair looks like so much fun!
~niki <3

Meg Eileen Carroll said...

Such a cute skirt. It reminds me of the film "Cluess" where Alicia Silverstone where's a similar tartan skirt with matching vest and blazer, all very 90s. I will say your 21st century styling is far more to my liking. Merry Christmas (as it's already past midnight in Australia, no time to be blogging, but oh well!)


Anaivilo said...

That top is just adorable and cute and cool! :D Love it to pieces :D

Merry Christmas dear! :)

Kristian said...

You look so cute and quirky in that!

Heidi said...

How fun is your top! I love. -Heidi http://fabricandfrosting.blogspot.com/

Angela said...

I hope you bought some of those sequin tops!
Method Clothe

Simone W said...

I love this look! Happy holidays! www.flaircat.com

Milex said...

I love your for this

Kacie Cone said...

Oh my god this look is too cute, I so want that top!

Jamie Rose said...

This antique fair looks amazingly fun! I also love your cat blouse and plaid skirt. Such a cute outfit. I'm glad you're getting cool enough weather for tights too. I know I always look forward to wearing cozy winter clothes.

Ollyvia Laura Arnold said...

nice style. merry christmas :)


Kirstin Marie said...

Ah! Your sweater is so cute! Loving this look, Steffy! xoxo

lick burger said...

love your blog :)
amazing photos!
we're following you now,




Nerdy Asian said...

The plaid skirt looks great with the kitty jumper :D I love your boots as well!

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

What a quirky outfit. I love how free spirited it is.
Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Clothes for Less

Seeking Style said...

Great boots!

xo Jennifer


amy said...

ah that blouse! too cute!

sending you happy spells


Teddi said...

oh my goodness steffy, you are too cute for words! total outfit fave, and reminds me of audrey in breakfast for tiffany's. :)

JennyScribbles said...

such a cute outfit! love the top!

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