a cabin in the woods.

when the weather get's chilly, the best place to visit is my friends cabin upcoast. it's a bit dilapidated and  beautifully rustic. the air is crisp, the grass is high and it is in the middle of nowhere. i have dreamt about these fall/winter days all year and they are finally back!

i am having one of those weeks where i miss too many people. do you ever have those? i think a NYC trip is overdue (even though i was sort of just there). and i also think miami is far too spread out. maybe i will just have to invent a magical machine to transport me to everyone through thin air. or i need a jeannie! or i just need sleep. sometimes when im too tired to function i get bummed. CANT WAIT TO SLEEP IN TOMORROW! have a good weekend!

blazer: in store soon!
blouse: c/o romwe
jeans: 2020ave
boots: vintage
bag: handbag heaven


Natali said...

Great photos! I like your blazer and very much!


Sasha said...

I think somwhere in the middle of nowhere is the best place to be during the Fall time! Gives you time to think and reflect..
Btw, you look beautiful. I especially like the pj's! :)

Ice Pandora said...

Fresh and lively
picture! I love the
bag and the blazer!
Sweet colors c:


Norbyah said...

that first photo is perfect. what a cozy moment in such a serene setting.

p.s. that blazer is divine.

Rini Hastuti said...

such a lovely place <3

Saki said...

Perfect colors! I love your bag.

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

magical machine to transport you anywhere sounds awesome - i wish for that too. love your satchel and that adorable pup - i am always so enthralled to see dogs on blogs

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Kristian said...

Pink is such a pretty color fo ryou!

JULES said...

I love the 1st photo!
reminds me of me very much,haha!
and i love your matching bag! lovely!

xoxo, sundaesins.blogspot.com

Page Song said...

love the blazer and the boots!

Leah said...

This outfit is beautiful and so are you! Hope you have a great weekend.

Andrea said...

your blazer is gorgeous!

woreout said...

I know exactly what you're talking about missing too many people. I was in the same boat a few weeks ago. Just make sure to get a lot of me time in this weekend and lots of sleep. PS this outfit is amazing, as usual.

Caitie Schlisserman said...

love the jacket!


Heidi said...

That blazer is great! I love the different textures. -Heidi http://fabricandfrosting.blogspot.no/

Seeking Style said...

Aw I have those days, (weesk, & months!) all the time. I have a lot of friends (and the boyfriend!) in LA (I am in Nor Cal) so it can be hard sometimes.

xo Jennifer


Tori Bonaventura said...

I'm so jealous! I've always been fond of the idea of staying in a cabin in the woods. I love that first photo. And also your bag. <3
xo, Tori

Maria Regina P. said...

love your blazer and your bag. Nice photos too. :)

Love, Maria

Nerdy Asian said...

I love the blouse with the blazer! The colors look great together! Ah wish I could be in NYC now :(

Ollyvia Laura Arnold said...

always love your outfit. it's so inspiring :)


Ollyvia Laura Arnold said...

always love your outfit. it's so inspiring :)


Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

I absolutely LOVE this outfit! Your blazer is too pretty :) xo

Two Happy Hearts said...

So darn cute! That bag is so adorable.
I love little cabins tucked away in nature.

Ariane said...

Beautiful photos!

Lace and Chiffon - בלוג אופנה said...

Love your blog and your outfits!

Followed you!


Anja said...

you look so lovely in this look! The blazer is just amazing! and that handbag fits so well. Nice combination. I know the feeling of missing people, hope you manage to get your mind off it or even see some of your loved ones!

tini tani said...

Сool! So nice!

Collections said...

Great blazer


JennyScribbles said...

such a cute bag!


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