The temperatures are finally low enough for jeans and sweaters, and I could not wait to bust out these insanely comfortable maternity jeans from Tilden. The biggest question I've received from all of you guys on IG is which maternity jeans I would recommend, since it's so hard to find a pair that doesn't make us feel huge and uncomfortable. I 100% think that buying one or two really good quality pairs is the best way to go.

Usually even when I'm not preggers I have a few pairs of my favorite go-to denim, anyway! I've been re-wearing these, and I have no shame, because you honestly cannot even tell they are maternity jeans! Don't be surprised if I am still wearing them after the baby ;) (p.s. I talked more about maternity jeans here, too).

The adventure begins.

Ever since I picked up this cardigan from UO, I've basically had it on repeat with every single outfit. I've been thinking of getting it in another color, but there's so many to choose from that it overwhelms me! haha.

So it's the final countdown - 33 days until baby! I even made a countdown, if you feel like getting amped with me. I totally feel like this baby will be early, but everyone keeps saying to assume 40 weeks, so the countdown goes until 40! I've been training the person who will work my job for me when I am on leave, and THAT makes it feel super real. Also, the pain and the giant belly. Those too. 

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