Dots and GIFS

An evening walk around the neighborhood tonight wearing some of my new vintage pieces paired with some new spring pieces i snagged. ♥ I told Matt, "this feels kind of like my uniform - i feel very me," and he said "How does one have a uniform when they own a million pieces of clothing??" LOL i laughed... guys are funny. They just don't get it :)

I am loving the Lyst GIF maker to share little pieces of my adventures... it's free and shareable which makes it awesome for bloggers like myself! You can show off little intricate details... I thought a twirl was quite appropriate. Make yours at and visit Lyst here.

Vintage blouse
Vintage hat
F21 skirt
ZeroUV sunnies
Young Hungry Free oxfords

Casual Weekend ❀❁

Beautiful is an understatement to describe today... 50 degrees, inspiringly sunny, endless hours to explore. I took a solo thrifting trip to brooklyn (i used to solo thrift in miami a ton, but not much since i moved here!) and MAN did it feel great. I love driving around brooklyn, city skyline views out my window and so many adorable places everywhere. i ran into some friends at the thrift store and grabbed dinner with a college friend. sometimes all we really need is some fresh air - there is honestly NOTHING greater than wandering aimlessly around brooklyn on a beautiful day.

i'm feeling really optimistic after several months of pessimism, and i think it has to do with the weather. i'm ready to say goodbye to my pale complexion and to let my shoulders and toes breath some fresh air :)

Forever 21 tee & pants
Cambridge Satchel bag
Mark Fisher sandals
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