After months of dying my hair, I finally decided to match my roots and go back to my natural hair color. I could NOT be more happy with my decision. I think that everyone is born with the hair color they are meant to have, and next time i try to dye my hair i am just going to remember that...

Another perk of this decision is that my hair extensions match PERFECTLY now (You can see the picture before i put them in above as a reference!). My hair is finally growing, but to speed things along a little bit, these from Irresistible Me are seriously perfect. Two of my work friends already got them after I wore them in one day. They're so easy to put in (it took me under 2 mins) and you don't even feel them! The box includes a ton of extra hair, but I am only wearing the thickest one in these photos. They make me feel super confident - i know I shouldn't use them as a "crutch" for confidence, but wearing them on special occasions makes them feel that much more special!

Seasonal Simplicity

With Fall right around the corner (it isn't in NY yet! maybe only in the mornings and evenings?) I've been thinking about what I truly need this year. I've been slowly clearing my closet of extras that I don't get around to wearing often, and focusing on high quality staples. For this Fall, I've been obsessed with high quality denim & big chunky knit hats (made by me, for me!). Here's some faves - that doxie sweater will be mine! : 

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