In My Room.

There's no place like home. It took a little settling in to really feel like "this is where i live now," after residing in South Beach for a few years, but now it feels real.

Matt snapped these amidst a normal day... snowed in drinking coffee and listening to music. I realize now that these are the days that make Winter great. Being stir-crazy together, playing board games, making epic brunches in the house and MAYBE just maybe making a short trek into the snow covered universe outside to see if it's an apocalypse out there. I want to bring more of these real moments into this space to share with you. There's a fine balance between living them and capturing them, but I think we are slowly figuring out how to combine the two.

How do you manage to capture your world without losing the integrity of living in it?

❄ Logical Layers ❄

It's easy to fall in and out of love. I feel like I am doing it every day, week, month. My feelings on being a pet owner, my love/hate relationship with green beans and my mood while I am getting dressed... all shifting always. This month I REEEALLLY love edamame, but I hate high waisted skirts - a love of mine for years. It's all so confusing, but my biggest mixed emotion goes out to my perception of the winter.

The first day of the snow was exhilarating. I can remember walking to work in the 95 degree heat in Miami and DREAMING of bone chilling days. But admittedly, some mornings while I'm driving to work in my not-yet-warmed-up car, all my little cold fingers crave is to feel the warm sand beneath my fingertips. It's not a HATE relationship though, it's entirely split down the middle because there's a lot of aspects of winter that I find to be captivating. Like snow covered beaches, for example. The quiet peaceful feeling of seeing the sea wash up onto a snowy shore is unmatched. 

Are you over Winter yet?

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