I'm in Miami for the first time since I moved away 8 months ago, and it sure feels good. My skin is defrosting, I visited all of my favorite places and on Saturday I get to watch my best friend in the world get married!! It is mind boggling how NY can be blizzarding while the sun continues to shine in 80 degree Miami. Make sure to follow my trip on snapchat (@steffyspandcs)! 

Chicwish blouse
F21 skirt
LuLu*s bag
Keds sneaks

In My Room.

There's no place like home. It took a little settling in to really feel like "this is where i live now," after residing in South Beach for a few years, but now it feels real.

Matt snapped these amidst a normal day... snowed in drinking coffee and listening to music. I realize now that these are the days that make Winter great. Being stir-crazy together, playing board games, making epic brunches in the house and MAYBE just maybe making a short trek into the snow covered universe outside to see if it's an apocalypse out there. I want to bring more of these real moments into this space to share with you. There's a fine balance between living them and capturing them, but I think we are slowly figuring out how to combine the two.

How do you manage to capture your world without losing the integrity of living in it?

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