one year ago today, matt and i showed up in NY after driving for two days straight with our entire lives in a U-Haul. I had a new job that I didn't start yet, he had one work contact for his freelance business, we were in contract for our apartment (but it wasn't a done deal yet) and our lives could have gone in a hundred thousand different directions.

we were scared! we fought! it wasn't easy! we spent almost every cent we owned on our apartment, we were newly married and first time homebuyers and our lives were fully up-in-the-air. but you know what? it was all 100% worth it. we had a dream and we made it happen. i'm so proud of us. it's so easy to get caught saying i will do that SOMEDAY, or I would do this thing BUT, but we didn't allow our insecurities to paralyze us.

Today we both love our jobs, we're moving into a larger apartment down the street, and we both know in our hearts it's because of our own hard work and dedication. These milestones in life.. make sure you savor them. ♥

p.s. we snapped these on our trip, but i never shared them :)

Key Lime Pie Date

This cute little spot in Red Hook is one of our summer favorites. I've gotta say, I totally understand why people reproduce... I imagine you love your kid like a thousand times more than you love your dog - but for now all I can compare it to is my love for Claude. AND, I just want to bring her with me EVERYWHERE, but so many places are not dog friendly! (this one not being one of them!)

So, how amazing to be able to bring your living human child with you everywhere because YOURE ALLOWED! um, amazing. my little hairy child is not always allowed, and it bums me out. so, here is a day she came with and it was phenomenal. great views, yummy key lime pie. the best.
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