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Friday, October 21, 2016

Fall Walks With Kamik

Thanks to and Kamik for partnering on this post! 

With beautiful Fall in full swing, and Winter right around the corner, it's my favorite time of the year to step outside! The weather is BEAUTIFUL, and there's leaves everywhere. It's pure heaven, especially since i'm pretty uncomfortable and super pregnant (39 weeks!) I was definitely in the market for a stylish pair of boots that are durable this year, and I'm so glad to partner with Kamik and style these Evelyn boots. They're extremely comfortable, the perfect shape to style with jeans or overalls & the laces are mustard yellow - so they match the leaves!! :)

Luckily I was able to snatch them from with free shipping, making my super-tired preggo life way easier. Plus they have a 365-day return policy. Doesn't get much better than that ;) Now can we talk about these leaves...

^^ The trees were seriously unreal. I couldn't stop taking pictures.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

2 Podcasts I Can't Get Enough Of

Being that I'm 38 weeks pregnant, on maternity leave and just trying to get this baby out of me, I've been going on tons of walks! Walking for me can get a bit boring, but I've been passing the time by listening to podcasts. I find that they entertain me and also teach me about things I would never ever know or inquire about! Here's two that I just can't get enough of lately:

1. Reply All

This is my all-time favorite podcast. I've been listening back from the beginning, and always get a kick out of the odd ins and outs of the internet and technology that they explore. If you're looking for a new one that you'll get hooked on, give this one a go!

2. Social Pros

This podcast may not interest you if you don't work in social media or marketing, but if you do it's a gold mine. It's basically just people who work in the industry talking about best-practices!

I would love to hear what you're listening to, and your recommendations! Leave them in the comments! :)

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Nursery Gallery Wall With Framebridge

Before the baby arrives, it's tough to personalize their space. There's no pictures of them, except for ultrasound pictures, so I had a hard time adding a little bit of him to his room! Once we took our maternity photos, I knew I wanted to include a few, so he could look around and see some personalized pictures of his family in his space.

I had such a fun time filling this little wall space with framed pictures from Framebridge. We were able to order a few different frames that match the different colors of the room, and I included an ultrasound image just for kicks! I love how it warms up the space & personalizes it. The gold frame is my favorite!

Framebridge is offering you guys a discount, so if you're designing a new room, or want to gift someone a framed image for the holidays, it's a perfect time to order! Save 15% on your first order with the code STEFFYSPANDCS15

I also framed the image of the ultrasound that I used to tell my parents and my in-laws that I was pregnant. It's such a special picture of him, and it's one I wanted to remember forever.

Thank you Framebridge for partnering on this post! 
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Friday, October 14, 2016

Pumpkins at Dee's Nursery

We usually make a full-day adventure out of getting a pumpkin, but this year we didn't want to travel too far from home, but we still wanted to soak in some Halloween vibes. We went to this adorable nursery called Dee's that is local, and we were blown away by A. how fall-inspired everything looked and B. how many fun little kids things they had to do! There was a petting zoo that we'll definitely be taking the baby to next year!

We found this adorable round little pumpkin, and will be carving it in the next few days. It's one of my favorite yearly traditions. I actually am a bit behind in getting a costume this year, but I feel like I could pop at any second, and it's stressing me out a bit! My co-worker called it the "H-POCALYPSE" haha! But when he comes, my world will stop, so I am trying to do everything on my to-do list before the time comes!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

What's in My Hospital Bag?

I tried to pack as light as possible for baby, because I've heard that the hospital provides most of the things he will need. Here's what am bringing:

- Diapers, just in case we need 
- Scratch mittens & socks
- A few hats, including one I handmade and this adorable knit bear hat
- A Milkbarn fox swaddle blanket
3 outfits, one in newborn size, one in size 0-3 months and one gown. All of the outfits have snaps/ zippers so it's easy to get him in and out. 


I'm a planner, so I put a ton of research in to what I will need for the hospital for myself, without overpacking. The only items not pictured are maxi pads (sadface), an outfit for going home in and my toiletries which I plan on packing at the last second! 

Nursing items
I know I am going to give breastfeeding a try, so I made sure to pack a few necessities for this, including lansinoh, nursing pads, and the boppy pillow with a slipcover.  

Recovery items
I've heard I will need a ton of Aleve, so I'm bringing that in case the hospital doesn't prescribe me anything. I've heard after a natural birth, this earth mama bottom spray is heaven sent, so I am giving it a try. I've also heard great things about the Belly Bandit, and plan on trying it out. 

Comfort items
I want to try to stay comfy in the hospital, so I plan on bringing this pajama set to feel a little more like myself. I'm also going to bring J.Crew slippers along to stay warm, and chapstick, because my friends keep telling me their lips were super dry. 

I always loved seeing what other moms-to-be packed, so I hope this helps you guys out!
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Saturday, October 8, 2016

37 Weeks: Full Term + 3rd Trimester Recap + Essentials!

Here we are, with a baby that is considered "fully cooked"! They told me at the doctor this week that it could happen ANY TIME or in 5 weeks, and they honestly can't really tell these things, so we're just here waiting! I am so relieved to have hit this milestone now, knowing that he can come out and be okay today. It feels good, and I am proud of my body for making it to this point. 

How far along? 37 weeks this weekend
Weight gain? Around 22 lbs
Cravings? Some of my first trimester cravings have come back! Eggs, carbs & sweets - not a good look. But, I've been trying to eat smoothies and yogurt, and I'm trying to kick the cravings in a healthy way.
How do I feel? I feel OVER IT. I didn't enjoy being pregnant too much, but honestly now I am just in pain. I am uncomfortable most of the day, I have really bad pelvic pressure & I've been getting Braxton Hicks when I sit (think BH for the entire car ride anywhere). I am ready to meet my baby and have my body back!
What I'm looking forward to? Finally seeing my baby's face, and having Matt get to meet the baby. I think that's what I am most excited for. I feel like I speak in baby morse code, because Matt never actually felt or interacted with him, so I am excited for them to meet and to bond the way that I already feel bonded with him.
Advice / Things I've learned? I learned two really important things by this point - the first is to stay active! When I take a few days off, things hurt even worse! I've been really pushing myself to at least walk every day to keep my body up and going. The other thing I've learned is to have no expectations. Even going into labor, people keep asking me if I am going to get an epidural. My response is - I DON'T KNOW! It's hard to plan anything in pregnancy!! Things just happen, and you have to just learn to let go a little, and roll with it. 

Here's some things I wore/ read:

1. LOVE this polka dotted dress, and even wore it in my maternity photos

2. I've been reading this book, which explains a lot about why babies might be colicky. It's really insightful, and I can't wait to try some of the tips! 

3. These overalls have been a lifesaver. I was so bummed when my Madewell pair stopped fitting, and was SO excited that maternity overalls exist!

4. I started to use this support while working out around 32 weeks or so. It definitely gives my belly a little bit of a lift. 

5. These are the Thank You cards I sent out after my baby shower! I really wanted to make sure I finished writing them before the baby comes.

6. LOVE this maternity pinafore dress, and I've worn it out for tons of dinners. 

7. I've been washing all of babies clothes and bedding, using this detergent

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