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It's easy to fall in and out of love. I feel like I am doing it every day, week, month. My feelings on being a pet owner, my love/hate relationship with green beans and my mood while I am getting dressed... all shifting always. This month I REEEALLLY love edamame, but I hate high waisted skirts - a love of mine for years. It's all so confusing, but my biggest mixed emotion goes out to my perception of the winter.

The first day of the snow was exhilarating. I can remember walking to work in the 95 degree heat in Miami and DREAMING of bone chilling days. But admittedly, some mornings while I'm driving to work in my not-yet-warmed-up car, all my little cold fingers crave is to feel the warm sand beneath my fingertips. It's not a HATE relationship though, it's entirely split down the middle because there's a lot of aspects of winter that I find to be captivating. Like snow covered beaches, for example. The quiet peaceful feeling of seeing the sea wash up onto a snowy shore is unmatched. 

Are you over Winter yet?

J.Crew chambray
Vintage jacket
UO shorts
Vintage boots
Vintage hat

My Fave NY Coffee Spot..

Contrary to popular belief, I live in Long Island, not NYC. Long Island is quite different than the city - it is suburbia. The houses are bigger, most residents get around by car not train, you can't walk everywhere, and it is sort of small towny. It also lacks the trendy-hipster-brick walls and exotic lighting hanging in random places type restaurants that speckle the streets of brooklyn. I like those... and often miss them on weeks I can't make it into BK or NYC. Gentle Brew is literally the only place in my city that gives me that vibe.

Usually on weekends or days off you can find us here - with Claude since they're pet friendly! Here's some snaps from a coff date this weekend. Blueberry waffles & Cafe ole included! ♥

How do you beat the suburbia blues?
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