Still alive...

hi there! long time no see. I have been enjoying a much needed time off from this space to explore what life feels like when it isn't constantly recorded. I've got to say, it feels good. sometimes it is really overwhelming feeling like every day has to be "photo ready" and every moment has to be shared. i like having my privacy back, and my memories for myself - not to be recorded and shared with the world.

with that being said, i also love this little blog, and all that comes along with it, so i will be back soon. i promise. here's some snaps from my best friend alex's bridal shower in florida. i guess my number one question from my hiatus is... is blogging worth it anymore? do people read blogs anymore, or do they just follow along on instagram? and what is next... because i know something new will be around the corner soon...

what do you think?


I rung in 2014 in vintage and sparkles on a strikingly crisp 27 degree night in Brooklyn at a Deer Tick show. Yes, i was cold but yes, the champagne helped diminish HOW cold i was. it was my first new years in NY since i was 7, so it was a special one to me. at 12:01 stevie nicks came onstage and sang... and i seriously lost my cool. STEVIE NICKS as a SURPRISE. lifes little gifts never cease to astound me.

this year i will redefine my blog. it's time for something new. i am still figuring out what that "new" is... but it will be less standing in the street. sorry guys, my days of standing in clothes are numbered. any suggestions on what you want to see in the future?

F21 dress
vintage coat
vintage hat
F21 shoes
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