Miami - Still 85 Degrees, Guys

Miami, Florida - a lovely place to come home to. But honestly, how did I ever live in the heat all the time? no idea, guys!

It was a beautiful thanksgiving filled with old friends, family and nostalgia. I did not bring my computer, which felt extremely freeing. Here's a few snapshots, more to come!

Back To Brooklyn!

Matt and I spent this beautiful overcast day thrifting in Brooklyn in one of our favorite neighborhoods. We were also on the lookout for holiday gifts (getting a head start this year!)

The bracelet that I have on in these photos is going to make a perfect stocking stuffer, and I am so so excited to team up with the Red Cross to promote it. Each bracelet that is sold goes entirely to support the Red Cross for disaster relief around the world. I couldn't be more on board to support a beautiful cause this holiday season.  

Pick up yours here

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