peeks of a day off...

A place really begins to feel like home when you form set routines. It's tough to make those happen during the week when most of my time is spent at work, but on Saturday every single week matt and I grab coffee at gentle brew and catch up on the week. it's something so simple, but seeing the familiar faces of people who work there and taking that time out to chat is always a stress reliever!

do you have any weekly routines?

Sepia Accents

It's September on tuesday and I am in disbelief. This summer came and went - but I'm not complaining, i love the chillier months. We're going on a trip to San Francisco at the end of the week while simultaneously preparing for our big move (down the block lol) next month, so things have been chaotic around here. the mornings have been NEW LEVEL BEAUTIFUL, and I was ecstatic to pull out some new "fall" boots. If you told me i was going to wake up today to only 4 months left of 2015, I would probably tell you to shutup. but it's true, and it's crazy, and time please slow down!!! :)

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